Renewable heat business park Molendijk Noord

BTG analysed the feasibility of renewable heat at the business park Molendijk Noord in Rijssen. This analysis was performed in collaboration with Explorius and the Bio-energiecluster Oost-Nederland. The business park is currently being restructured and provides plenty of opportunities for renewable developments.

The feasibility study matches the supply and demand of renewable heat. Since the business park is currently being restructured the study assumed a fictitious demand of heat (high, middle and low). In addition, current heat suppliers and fictitious heat suppliers were identified. The suppliers range from new and current wood-fired installations, PV-systems, biogas from waste water treatment and a gasification installation.

After matching supply and demand general conclusion is that a heat network is not feasible. Main reasons are the high price of such a network and the absence of heat demanding organisations at the business park. However, promising opportunities for the short term are identified. The opportunities identified all include direct supply of heat which in the future can be connected to a heat network. The opportunities are:

  • Supplying heat of wood-fired installations in the summer months
  • The installation of an already planned gasification installation when more heat demanding organisations do settle on the business park
  • Installation of an additional wood or pyrolysis fired installation to (temporarily) supply the additional heat demand of organisations

A heat network is currently not feasible for business park Molendijk-Noord. However, the analysis clearly shows that heat networks for business parks yield good opportunities for supplying renewable heat. Finding the right match between heat supply, demand and price will result in a viable business case.

This feasibility study was partly funded by the province of Overijssel.