Biomass resource assessments

Biomass resource assessments provide insight in the amount of residues, wastes and energy crops that are available for bioenergy generation.

Quick scan & feasibility study

Feasibility studies assess the technical, environmental, logistical, financial, economic and organizational possibilities to realize bio-energy plants.

Scenario & policy studies

The increasing need to improve the sustainability of our energy supply calls for the development of policy and policy measures for the promotion and support of bioenergy.

Market studies

Up-to date information on the market for bio-energy is a must for any investment plan. For bioenergy, several different market aspects are important.

Technical advise

Supplying technical advice is among the core activities of BTG consultants. Clients may have a certain type of biomass, and wish to know the best way of using it for energy purposes.

Due diligence

BTG has substantial experience with conducting independent appraisals of companies and technologies for due diligence (technical and business) purposes.

Carbon consultancy

BTG has been active in the field of carbon consultancy since mid-1990s and has gained experience developing and implementing carbon trading projects and project portfolios.

Project development support

BTG has experience with all the different aspects of project development, resulting from the many bioenergy projects that have been implemented over the years.

Training & promotion

BTG develops and organises training sessions for professionals and civil servants on specific subjects such as permits, carbon crediting and sustainability.

Free advisory service to civil servants

The advisory service is established for all civil servants of the national government, regions, municipalities, water boards and provinces in the Netherlands.