Biomass resources

Each bioenergy project is different and depends on the optimal utilization of the available biomass residues, wastes and/or energy crops.

Solid & liquid biofuels

Biomass resources can be transformed into convenient biofuels, which can serve the top end of consumer and industrial energy markets.


There are many different types of biomass residues, wastes and/or energy crops available worldwide. To be able to optimally utilize, the different types of available biomass in a costs effective and efficient matter, several technologies are developed.

Sustainability issues

BTG develops bioenergy projects and technologies that contribute optimally toward a sustainable society.

Developing countries

Worldwide, more than two billion people are currently cooking their food using biomass fuels on a daily basis.

GHG emission reductions

Many bioenergy projects reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing fossil energy and avoiding methane emissions from unused biomass.