BTG co-organizor INFRES Workshop “Adaptation of forestry practices and business innovations for bioenergy supply”

The demand for bioenergy is increasing. Ambitious EU policy targets demand that more biomass is provided from Europe’s forests. The FP7 research project INFRES assesses (a) customers and markets of forest biomass for the future, (b) the adaptation of forest practices to improved biomass recovery and (c) business, service and integration solutions for woody feedstock supply.

INFRES is halfway implementation and the research results to date will be presented in a workshop, entitled “Adaptation of forestry practices and business innovations for bioenergy supply” and linked with the FEC-FORMEC-2014 conference in Gérardmer, France.

The INFRES workshop is targeting all that that are interested in the field of forest fuel supply, and will be held as a special pre-conference event on Tuesday 23 September from 16:00 to 18:00 hours, just before the FEC-FORMEC-2014 ice-breaking reception.

Participation in the INFRES workshop is free of charge and open to all but your prior registration is highly appreciated.

More details about INFRES and the workshop, including an overview of the oral presentations and information how to register can be found at URL

Download workshop details here (pdf-file) or website.