BTG advises the European Commission on optimised cascading use of wood

Cascading of biomass is a hot topic, debated at all levels up to and including the European Parliament. Cascading of wood means optimal use of a resource, for instance by recycling of wood. By cascading, more wooden products can be produced with the same amount of wood. At the end of the product cycle bioenergy is generated. Cascading results in economic growth and employment and saves the environment, among other things by carbon storage in wooden products. Cascading is needed as the demand for wood for biobased products, advanced biofuels and bioenergy increases. The question is which measures are needed to attain optimal cascading of wood. The European Commission (DG Growth) selected BTG to answer this question together with a consortium of German wood sector analyst INFRO (Prof. Mantau), policy advisor IEEP (UK), biobased market specialist NOVA (DE) and waste sector consultant INTECUS (DE). No less than nine DGs (European ministries) will take place in the Steering Group of the project showing that the topic of cascading is of particular importance to the European Commission. For more information on the project “Study on optimised cascading use of wood”, click here