BTG facilitates advanced biofuel plants in Europe

The transport sector is one of the largest air polluters, causing 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU1. High quality sustainable transport fuels are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without causing competition with food or feed crops. Breakthrough technologies, producing cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel or other transport fuels from second generation feedstocks like wood residues and agricultural waste face particular challenges in scale-up and commercialisation.

The European Commission has contracted a consortium led by E4tech and including BTG, RE-CORD and Biochemtex to develop a feasibility study template to help potential producers of advanced biofuels in the determination of the feasibility and the identification of problems, omissions, risks and opportunities.

BTG has initiated the development of the Empyro pyrolysis plant in Hengelo (the Netherlands) that will produce 20 million liters of pyrolysis oil annually. BTG Consultancy possesses hands-on expert knowledge on project identification, feasibility determination, sustainability, biomass sourcing, sales of energy products, permitting and all other relevant aspects of implementing innovative, first-of-its-kind projects.

The consortium will combine this and other knowledge and develop a set of templates and guidance documents for use by potential advanced biofuels producers. The templates will be validated with industry experts, and at the end of the project, proven feasibility study templates will be available contributing to the realisation of advanced biofuel plants.

1Source EEA (2014) Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends and projections (CSI 010/CLIM 050) - Assessment published Nov 2014.