Final Conference INEMAD & GR3 projecten on biogas & bio-based fertilizers Thursday 17 March 2016, University of Ghent (Belgium)

The potential and the prospective of using agricultural and municipal residues as sources of energy (biogas) and as feedstocks for bio-based fertilizers were explored in two EU-supported projects, INEMAD and GR3.

The INEMAD ( project investigated among others the use of digestate as a fertilizer, the readyness of farmers to use bio-based fertilizers, the efficiency and environmental impact of different manure processing technologies, and policy support mechanisms to produce biogas and use digestate as fertilizer. BTG investigated inter alia the valorization of digestate through in its pyrolysis process.

The GR3 ( project focused on practical implementation of using grass clippings in biogas installations. The project findings are linked to legislation, biogas potential, grass inventory, business case development, etc. and include an ecologic and economic analysis of different pathways.

Both INEMAD and GR3 (Grass to Green Gas) are coming to an end, and the final conference will showcase key results of the two projects in plenary and parallel sessions. The final conference is targeted at scientists, businesses, government policy makers and other stakeholders. 

Deadline for registration is 9 March 2016. A small participation fee (30€) applies.

Download the workshop details here or go directly to the registration website.