How to build your own biofuels plant – feasibility template published

The transport sector is one of the largest air polluters, causing 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU . Besides electricity, high quality sustainable liquid biofuels are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using such advanced biofuels will avoid competition with food or feed crops. Scale-up and commercialisation of new technologies to produce advanced biofuels faces particular challenges.
To help potential producers of advanced biofuels, BTG has co-developed – by order of the European Commission – a feasibility template. The template gives guidance on the determination of the feasibility and the identification of problems, omissions, risks and opportunities. The EC assignment was carried out by a consortium, led by E4tech.
The template contains a.o. guidance on supply chain and market assessment, technical assessment, permitting and sustainability. The template has been validated by industrial experts, and has been set up in a way that it provides actual and meaningful support to potential biofuels producers. The template can be downloaded here.
The template illustrates BTG’s long standing track record on advanced biofuels. BTG has initiated the development of the Empyro pyrolysis plant in Hengelo (the Netherlands) that has a capacity of 20 million liters of pyrolysis oil annually. BTG Consultancy possesses hands-on expert knowledge on project identification, feasibility determination, sustainability, biomass sourcing, permitting and various other relevant aspects of implementing innovative, first-of-its-kind projects.