Development of new biobased products from pyrolysis oil: Bio4Products has started!

Producing high-value products from biomass – biobased products – will reduce our dependency on fossil sources, stop depletion of natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The production of biobased products is complex; biomass such as wood, grass, etc. is not a homogenous product and does not contain the right properties to replace fossil materials such as bitumen, phenols and creosotes.

With the BTG pyrolysis process, biomass is converted into a pyrolysis liquid which can be divided further into distinct fractions. These fractions are used for further processing to biobased products such as roofing materials, resins and fiber reinforced materials. In the new European Horizon 2020 project Bio4Products, BTG will develop these new products further in cooperation with other partners. The aim in this project is to develop four new end products with an emission reduction of at least 75%.

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