BioCannDo issues a multimedia slideshow and a set of short videos about bio-based products

The H2020 project BioCannDoBioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project
explains the idea of a bioeconomy and bio-based end-products in clear and understandable language, in a scientifically correct manner, and connects it to everyday life.

BioCannDo has just published a new multimedia slideshow as well as a series of short videos. The bio-based household cleaning products slideshow gives insights into the perception of these products by consumers and manufacturers. It is based on the outcomes of consumer focus group sessions and interviews with industry representatives. The short videos are answering common consumer questions about bio-based products and their properties. Each video is short and entertaining.  The videos cover everyday products such as coffee mug, t-shirt, lipstick and home cleaning products.


Besides this slideshow and video series the project website AllThings.Bio offers consumers a lot more information on bio-based products in application categories such as catering, construction, gardening, home and transport.


BioCannDo has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 720732.


For more information about the project please contact: John Vos, senior consultant, tel. +31 (0)53 486 1191, email