Design the best Biobased Lesson and win €€

The Think Biobased Challenge invites you, a European higher professional education student, to design Biobased educational material that students will never forget. Help creating a better environment and win prizes just by doing so!

We are all on the verge of a transition to a world in which we want and need to be less dependent on fossil raw materials. In the transition to this world, we aim for an economy that runs on biomass as a raw material. For this transition to a Biobased Economy we need smart people in the future. The road there already starts in primary education, secondary education and secondary vocational education.

You are a European higher professional education student and we challenge you to develop innovative teaching materials that can be used to draw attention to the Biobased Economy. Not in a boring lesson, but in such a way that this learning experience can always stay with you. How cool is it when students throughout Europe get to work with a Biobased Lesson that you have created? Moreover, a total prize money of € 9.000,- will be divided among the best entrants!

After reading the above, ideas are already bubbling up inside you. No worries, you can begin right away!

Visit the Think Biobased page for more information.