BTG awarded European prize

BTG wins EUBIA Award for sustainable oil technology

Enschede, 27 May 2019 – Today, BTG, a Dutch technology company focused on the development of sustainable energy and based in the region of Twente, was awarded a major European prize. At the world’s biggest congress on biomass, the EUBCE in Lisbon, which is also supported by the European Commission, the company was given the EUBIA Award.

BTG was awarded the prize in particular due to its successful application of pyrolysis technology for producing sustainable oil from biomass. BTG-BTL, a sister company of BTG, recently joined up with TechnipFMC to win an order worth €25 million. A production plant will be built in Finland that will use BTG-BTL’s advanced technology to produce oil from waste flows such as wood waste. The initial order is for a single facility, but the client has already expressed interest in another three plants, bringing the total value of the order up to €100 million. The construction of a single production plant will generate a minimum of 100 full-time jobs in the Netherlands.

Great contribution
The EUBIA Award was presented on Monday to René Venendaal, CEO of BTG. The prize is an initiative of the EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association. According to the association, BTG has made a ‘great contribution to the development of the biomass industry and associated market’. The development and production of sustainable oil from biomass (wood chips) was mentioned in particular. The association also pointed to the order won by BTG-BTL for a production plant in Finland worth millions. ‘This is an example of how decades of research, development, commitment and innovation can result in clean energy, employment opportunities, and sustainable growth of the biomass sector’, comments Giuliano Grassi, Secretary General of the EUBIA.

Venendaal is very happy with the prize. ‘This makes it very clear how much our contribution is appreciated, and it is actually a prize for our entire body of work. I also see this as an incentive to further develop and roll out our innovative technologies so that we can work towards a more sustainable economy.’ Venendaal also emphasises the important role of the European Commission (EC) within the framework of the company’s ambitions. ‘The EC’s programs were of great assistance in developing this technology.’ According to the CEO, a long-term vision was indispensable for this development. ‘Over the long term, pyrolysis oil can be used not only to wean the Netherlands off of its natural gas reservoirs in the province of Groningen but also to serve as an excellent source of fuel in gradually making refineries more sustainable’, explains Venendaal.

About BTG
Biomass Technology Group (BTG) is an independent privately held company whose roots lie in the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Twente. BTG contributes to a more sustainable energy future by developing new technologies that can be used to replace fossil fuels with biofuels. The goal is to increase the global share of bioenergy, biofuels, and green raw materials by developing and successfully implementing projects and programmes throughout the world.
BTG-BioLiquids (BTG-BTL) is a BTG’s sister company and collaborates with TechnipFMC in the rollout of pyrolysis technology for the production of biofuel from wood waste.