BIOSwitch: BTG supports brand owners switching to bio-based

BIOSWITCH, a new European project to support brand owners to switch to  bio-based approaches, kicks off

June 2020 saw the start of the two-year project BIOSWITCH, a new project that seeks to raise awareness among brand owners and to encourage them to turn their products into bio-based goods.


With a turnover value of €2.3 trillion and accounting for 8.2% of the European Union’s workforce, the bioeconomy is a central element to the success of the economy overall, and brand owners delivering bio-based products are one of the main drivers to boost it. Their decision to become bio-based is one of the starting points for an efficient implementation of the bioeconomy, as they have the power to stimulate bio-based value chains and the market acceleration of bio-products. However, brand owners are often reluctant to invest in taking a bio-based approach due to perceived risks and uncertainties, and to a lack of adequate support from the innovation ecosystems. BIOSWITCH aims to encourage and support them to switch to bio-based approaches by hosting a set of communication actions and events that will allow shaping solutions to mitigate brand owners’ perceived risks. Furthermore, the project will develop a toolbox that will allow to assess the brands’ bio-based maturity level and assist their owners in the transition journey. 


BIOSWITCH is an initiative funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme with a total budget of just under €1 million (Grant Agreement 887727). The project is coordinated by CLIC Innovation (Finland).

BTG Biomass Technology Group BV will lead the development of best practices (success stories) of companies who switched-to-bio-based. Working with the consortium, BTG will lead the consolidation of findings from literature review, brand owner interviews and consumer surveys, and the development of a comprehensive set of incentive recommendations. Thirdly, BTG will coordinate the production of communication materials, which will be included in the BIOSWITCH toolbox and form a basis for engagement with industry and clusters on specific opportunities.