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Project development

BTG is a pioneer regarding development of new projects, programs and business opportunities in the field of bio-energy. We are usually some years ahead of other companies in this field. If you want to find a profitable niche in the bio-energy market, you will find a good partner in BTG. Our activities have resulted in many spin-off companies that are active in the production and trade of bio-fuels and in the trade of carbon credits. Due to our know-how of the bio-energy market, we also are able to organize attractive financing engineering schemes for your investments or to generate additional revenues through the sales of carbon credits, herewith enhancing bio-energy investments. Our involvement usually lowers the costs of your investment. BTG is able to deliver a complete technical and financial package for every sound bio-energy investment planned.

Project management & implementation

The company’s longstanding focus on and dedication to bio-energy has resulted in the establishment of more than 20 subsidiaries and spin-off companies in the bio-energy sector. BTG has facilitated the implementation of more than 60 bio-energy systems and factories worldwide. Examples of bioenergy and biofuel systems facilitated or implemented by BTG include:

(District) heating plants  check.png      check.png
Power plants (combustion)  check.png      check.png
Anacrobic digestion plants  check.png      check.png
Pellet factories  check.png      
Carbonisation plants  check.png    check.png  
Briquetting plants  check.png      
Agglomeration plants      check.png  
Improved household stoves      check.png  
Pyrolysis plants  check.png  check.png    
Gasification plants  check.png  check.png    
Landfill gas  check.png      

Our involvement has occurred in many different ways: as owner, contractor engineering firm, commissioning, project manager, project advisor, and technical assistance. Technologies covered are combustion, gasification, carbonization, flash pyrolysis, densification and anaerobic digestion. The scale covered is typically small to medium scale. Each project and company has its own characteristics and has been designed such that it complies with the needs of the client. BTG also covers performance monitoring and non-technical areas such as permits application, environmental legislation, and health & safety issues. Our aim is to demonstrate that various bio-energy concepts are feasible. If necessary, BTG is willing to invest or co-invest in promising concepts, provided a good partnership can be established and some basic requirements are met.

Examples of installed systems managed or supported by BTG include:

  • Wood and straw-fired combustion systems for industrial or district heating, substituting brown-coal fired units in Central and Eastern European countries
  • Briquette and/or charcoal production and biofuel trading facilities in China, Estonia and Ghana
  • Anaerobic digestion units for coffee industry waste water treatment, municipal sewage plants and animal farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Costa Rica, Hungary, Moldova and Ukrain