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BTG Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG) is an independent, private group of companies, which for the past 25 years has specialised in the process of conversion of biomass into useful fuels and energy. BTG has structured its know-how activities in two business units with three main activities:

This unique combination of business units is the base for providing highly innovative and commercially attractive services. Due diligence is carried out for both small and large investors that are interested in investing in bioenergy or biofuel technologies.

BTG invites you at this site where many examples of our biomass energy projects can be found.

Latest news SDE+ application in 2016, funds totaling 8 billion euros available

The Government of the Netherlands aims that by 2020 14% of Dutch energy requirements are generated from renewable sources. The main mechanism to achieve this objective is the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE+) scheme. Under the SDE+ scheme producers get a guaranteed price for the renewable energy they generate.  In 2016, the Dutch Government  will organise two rounds of SDE+ tenders and will make available funds totalling 8 billion euros.
Both SDE+ tender rounds for renewable energy projects will open in phases. Opening dates for the 2016 tenders are March 1 and August 30 respectively. A feasibility study of the renewable energy project has to be part of the SDE+ application. As a minimum, this feasibility study shall cover an exploitation revenue calculation with a justification of the equity and financing required.  Renewable heat projects will have to have sales of the generated heat secured.  Category-wise supplementary information may be required.
BTG supports companies that wish to make an SDE+ application and can even take care of the entire application process. In the recent past BTG has submitted several successful SDE+ applications that will lead to an increase in the share of renewables in the Dutch energy supply.
If you want to know more about SDE+ applications and our SDE+ services, please contact Douwe van den Berg or Rik te Raa via 053-4861186.

btg-25.jpgBTG celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2012. Starting as a private company in 1987, BTG has developed to one of the leading companies in bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials. 2012 was a year of celebration with a note from the past and attention for new developments in bio-energy!

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