Serious game to interact with citizens on the topic of bioeconomy.

On 16 and 17 September 2020, BTG met with project partners online to kick off their new project Allthings.bioPRO – Game changer in the bio-based economy.

In May 2020 we already informed that BTG will be involved in two new European bioeconomy projects. This month saw the start of the three-year project Allthings.bioPRO. Under Allthings.bioPRO, a serious game will be developed to foster citizens’ awareness, participation and co-creation regarding the bio-based industry. In the online serious game, information and education will be offered to a broad public and, at the same time, data on personal preferences, opinions and ideas on the topic of bioeconomy will be gathered.

The results will help stakeholders to meet consumers’ expectations and requirements when developing their products.

Allthings.bioPRO will also collaborate with citizens on a local level. Main topics will include bio-based food packaging, sustainable fashion, sustainable bio-based products for kids and schools as well as jobs and careers in the bioeconomy.

Allthings.bioPRO can be understood as a follow-up project to BioCannDo: the original platform will be once again the main gateway of the project and will provide information about the bioeconomy and bio-based products in an easy to understand language, with innovative communication formats and with stories related to the daily life of citizens.

Towards the end of the project, interested citizens will have the possibility to join a Citizen Action Network that shall develop opinions and positions of citizens by citizens on bioeconomy related topics on a regular basis.

Visit and register to the project’s community to stay updated and keep up with the bioeconomy!