Biomass resource assessments

Biomass resource assessments provide insight in the amount of residues, wastes and energy crops that are available for bioenergy generation. BTG performs resource assessments on sectoral, regional, national and international level. Moreover, BTG regularly carries out biomass resource assessments for local governments and companies that seek to develop biomass action plans or investments in bioenergy projects. Through the combination of academic intelligence with engineering skills and practical field experience, BTG is able to translate theoretical biomass availability figures into data that represent a realistic potential for bioenergy.

Recent examples

  • Ultra Low Carbon Dioxide Steel Production (ULCOS). For the European steel industry, BTG has assessed the availability, supply and sustainability of biomass resources on a global level. BTG estimated the theoretical, technical and implementation potential of a vast number of biomass residues in a systematic way.
  • Bio-energy for Europe - Harmonisation of biomass resource assessments: This large European Commission supported coordination activity is focused on developing a common and widely accepted methodology for gathering information on biomass potentials using terrestrial and earth observations, and for gathering and disseminating this information. In this large multidisciplinary project, which involves 17 research partners, the latest methodological approaches toward biomass resource assessments are evaluated and a common approach will be developed.