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Consultancy & Studies

Thanks to our specialisation in bio-based raw materials, you are assured of up-to-date knowledge, as well as reliable and inspiring advice. Whether it concerns the technical and financial feasibility, the availability of biomass, the logistics aspects, the market for biobased products, or board room advice. In addition to the business community, we support government agencies in adjusting and shaping their policies. For example, by drawing up the ‘Regional Energy Strategy’ and the ‘Heat Transition Vision’, or roadmaps for the introduction of bio-based raw materials. We also have extensive experience with education and branding of bio-energy and bio-based raw materials.

Research & Development

BTG has a dedicated research laboratory with facilities ranging from lab to pilot scale in the field of chemical process technology. The facilities are used for own process development as well as for contract research.

Due diligence

We regularly carry out due diligence assignments for investors, financiers and project developers. This concerns new innovative processes as well as proven technologies and existing installations. With our extensive RTD experience we can make a detailed (process) technological analysis. Based on our up-to-date market knowledge, we offer insights into financial feasibility, biomass contracts, product sales, environmental aspects and permits.

Sustainability analysis

The use of bio-based raw materials is an important step towards a sustainable society. The sustainability requirements for biomass play an important role in this regard. For our customers, we perform greenhouse gas reduction calculations based on the European guidelines. To gain insight into the environmental impacts, we make use of specialised software for life cycle assessments (LCAs). Our field of work also covers cycle costing (LCCs) and socio-economic analyses. Also in this way, we help our customers to give meaning to the circular economy.

Process design & assessment

Conceptual & basic designs can be prepared for your chemical process. Alternatively, we can support you with your own design or perform a technical due diligence on the design.

Project development

We are involved in the development and realisation of a large number of installations for bioenergy and bio-based raw materials. Through all stages, from the first idea to implementation, we assist with technical and financial expertise. We take care of applications for permits and subsidies and make business plans for financing. We have extensive experience in obtaining carbon credits through systems such as VCS, Gold standard VER and CDM. In innovative projects we observe more often the capture, storage and use of CO2 (CCU).

Product samples & analysis

Test facilities at BTG are used to produce a range of bio-based fuels and products, which can be made available at cost to 3rd parties for further testing and/or evaluation. Products can include chemical-physical analyses, or your products can be analysed by us.

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Together we discuss the possibilities for a tailor-made solution for your company.

BTG is a company with a lot of guts to take on challenges. Flexible, alert and that knows what is happening in the world and responds well to it.

Prof. dr. ir. Wim van Swaaij Emeritus professor of Process Engineering at the University of Twente


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