BTG’s Consultancy Group provides services for a range of private and public clients. By developing and implementing various bio-energy projects BTG contributes directly to an increasing role of bio-energy in the energy supply of the future. With30 years of experience BTG Consultancy has an extensive track record of hundreds of successful projects with assignments in over 80 countries.

Unique selling points

  • All specialists work 100% dedicated to bio-energy
  • Unique synergy with R&D and project development
  • Strong technical back-up and knowledge of new technologies
  • Bridging the whole chain from R&D to project implementation
  • Covering all aspects of bioenergy: biomass resource availability, logistics & pre-treatment, bioenergy technologies, and up-to-date market knowledge.
  • In house financial, legal and environmental expertise to implement bioenergy projects that contribute optimally towards a sustainable society.

Combining academic intelligence with engineering skills and practical field experience, BTG is your partner in bioeconomy!


BTG consultancy has know-how and is working on projects on different topics. A few examples are biomass resources, solid & liquid biofuels, sustainability issues and GHG emission reductions.


BTG consultancy is offering services to the private sector, to governments and non-governmental organisations. The services include amongst others due diligence, biomass resource assessments and technical advise.