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Energy transition

Fossil fuels have been used on a large scale to generate energy since 1870. That can no longer be sustained. But switching from one day to the next is not possible, as we have been used to consume fossil fuels for 150 years. The energy transition takes time and requires a great deal of innovative thinking and decisiveness. BTG has been actively involved in this for over 30 years. 



Sustainability is also referred to as 'persistency' or 'good stewardship'. Although it has been talked about since the 1980s, it is only now that the realization is slowly dawning that something really needs to change. BTG implements sustainability in all its facets as much as possible. Both in our own business operations and in the nature of the projects and the research that BTG carries out.


Circular economy

Nature provides us with many beautiful raw materials and materials. Biomass, nowadays also referred to as 'bio-based raw material', is a natural raw material on which an important part of our society is built. Our challenge is to handle our bio-based raw materials in a sustainable and sensible way and to prioritise these materials for high-value applications.



The industry has made capital-intensive investments to keep plants running for 30-40 years. Sustainability should therefore be realised in increments.. Offering investment security is of utmost importance to achieve large-scale sustainability. BTG works on substantive processes to help the industry with this, but also contributes to making the industry more sustainable through various branch organizations and other committees.


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BTG is developing a biobased economy in the Netherlands and Europe.

Theo Rietkerk Former deputy of the province of Overijssel, member of the Dutch Upper House


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