Market studies

Up-to date information on the market for bio-energy is a must for any investment plan. For bioenergy, several different market aspects can be distinguished.

  • Biomass market – what are the most important suppliers, types of biomass feedstock are available at what price levels, and what are the trends therein?
  • Energy or biofuel market – what are the characteristics of the electricity and/or heat market? Is there an active demand for biomass fuels, or is there an export market?
  • What are the price levels of different products and to what extent is the policy framework conductive for the renewable energy markets?

The market for equipment – what types of bioenergy equipment are commonly used, and who are the suppliers? What are the possibilities of introducing new equipment? As a market orientated consultancy company, with a team of dedicated bioenergy experts, BTG is always up to date on the latest market developments. In recent years, BTG has performed dozens of market studies for various clients in many countries worldwide, often working together with local experts.

Recent examples

  • Market study of biomass boilers, timber drying kilns and related equipment for sales at the domestic market in Estonia and the export market in neighbouring countries (Baltic region, Leningrad Oblast). The study supported the preparation of a joint venture between a Dutch company and a local Estonian construction company.
  • Study of the European market for wood pellets. Within the context of a feasibility study on a wood pellet factory in NW Russia, BTG assessed the market for pellets in North and Western Europe.
  • Household energy market study in Senegal. The CSS sugar factory in Northern Senegal was considering the production of an ethanol based gelfuel using their excess molasses. As part of the feasibility study, BTG performed a market study to determine the position of the gelfuel vis-à-vis other household fuels (wood, charcoal, LPG, kerosene).