Project development support

The project development cycle includes a variety of activities, from identification, studies, financing to implementation. BTG has experience with all the different aspects of project development, resulting from the many bioenergy projects that have been implemented over the years. Apart from preparatory studies, BTG can assist its clients with the development of bioenergy projects, including:

Financial engineering & subsidy applications

BTG provides financial engineering services, like business plan development, loan applications, and investment fund establishment. BTG support businesses with subsidy applications, project preparation (studies) from national sources (EVD, SenterNovem), international sources, and private funding institutions.

Project management and implementation

BTG’s project management and implementation activities range from implementation of small- and medium biofuel and bioenergy plants worldwide (including district heating, cogeneration, anaerobic digestion, charcoal production) to management of complex international research projects with consortia of SME’s, industries and research institutes.

Permitting applications

BTG has full knowledge of the legal aspects relevant for permit applications. BTG supports companies with permit procedures, provides ex-ante estimations of environmental limitations, like maximum allowable emissions. Furthermore, BTG has developed standardised permits for anaerobic digestion and combustion to support both legal authorities and permit applicants.