Quick scan & feasibility study

Feasibility studies assess the technical, environmental, logistical, financial, economic and organizational possibilities to realize bio-energy plants. These studies range from a “quick scan” that briefly assesses bio-energy options at a given site or in a certain region, to comprehensive pre-investments studies assessing all relevant issues in detail. The latter results in bankable investment proposals that address risk management as well.

BTG has successfully executed hundreds of quick scans and feasibility studies over the last decades. Many of them have resulted in the preparation of business plans and subsequent realisation of the project in question.

Recent examples

  • Feasibility of biomass CHP at SITA Agora (France). Feasibility study of the possible production of bio-energy at the former site of Metaleurop (France, region Nord-Pas-de-Calais). The study included an inventory of the regional availability of biomass (woody and non-woody; clean and non-clean), an assessment of on-site demand for process heat (in particular at a planned bio-ethanol production plant), a technical assessment of steam cycle efficiencies and technology requirements, and a financial analysis of several different options.
  • Feasibility of bioenergy applications in MARN region (Nijmegen). The municipalities around the Dutch town of Nijmegen, united in the MARN organisation, commissioned BTG to assess the potential of bioenergy within their region. The study included an inventory of different types of biomass feedstock, identification of possible locations for bioenergy production, and possible technologies to be implemented. Of several options, the technical and financial feasibility was determined.
  • Sawdust Pelleting Project Slovakia. This feasibility study was aimed at investigating the feasibility of setting up a plant for the production and export of sawdust pellets. The study included site and equipment identification, financial assessments, business plan development, etc. The assignment was commissioned by a manufacturer of pelleting equipment.