Technical advise

Supplying technical advice is among the core activities of BTG consultants. Clients may have a certain type of biomass, and wish to know the best way of using it for energy purposes. Can it be used for the production of heat and/or electricity, or is it better to process it into solid or liquid biofuels? Which technology is the most suitable, and at what scale? What supplier offers the best equipment?

BTG offers a wide range of technical know-how and expertise, bringing many years of experience with the implementation of different kinds of bioenergy technologies, on many locations and under many circumstances. BTG experts include process engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

Recent examples

  • Evaluation of small scale gasification systems. In order to support the technology selection process of an international client, BTG was asked to evaluate small-scale gasifiers offered in Western Europe (Denmark, Finland, UK, Belgium, France, Spain). For the evaluation, extensive information was gathered using a questionnaire which was sent to ten pre-selected manufacturers of gasifiers. The information was compiled and analysed, and a ranking of preferred suppliers was made. Subsequently, BTG accompanied the client during follow-up visits to the selected suppliers.
  • Technical feasibility 50 MWe DDGS combustion plant in Rotterdam. The study was aimed at determining the possibilities and technical bottlenecks for the combustion of DDGS (Dried Distilled Grain with Solubles) residues from an ethanol production plant. It was commissioned by a private client.
  • Evaluation of retrofitting a 12 MWe power plant in Croatia. BTG’s client had taken over an agro-industrial complex in Croatia, with the intention of processing maize. The factory included a 12 MWe power plant which was originally operated on fuel oil and coal. BTG performed a technical and financial assessment of the possibilities of modifying the installation to be operated on maize residues.