Training & promotion

Over the years, BTG has shown itself to be a successful partner for training and knowledge transfer. BTG develops and organises training sessions for professionals and civil servants on specific subjects such as permits, carbon crediting and sustainability, but also basic technical training and capacity building for students and professionals in developing countries. For larger programmes, BTG develops tailor-made education materials.

Closely related to training activities are dissemination of knowledge and promotion activities in the field of biomass and bioenergy. BTG successfully develops and executes national and international bioenergy promotion campaigns, which includes the organisation of events, the development and distribution of promotional materials (websites, folders, posters), and the production of full-length promotion films. In addition, BTG develops and builds websites for the dissemination of knowledge on specific subjects to large groups of bioenergy users worldwide.

Recent examples

  • Bio-energy course for civil servants from six Dutch provinces, aimed at transferring knowledge on bio-energy fuels, technologies, products and conversion routes as well as on financial, logistical, organisational and other aspects. A tailor-made bio-energy course was developed for civil servants involved in environmental permit issuing and environmental policy development. One-day courses were organised in each participating province.
  • Bio-energy in Motion: production of a promotion film on bio-energy in Estonia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The project included the whole chain from script production, site selection and film shooting, to post production and dissemination. The film was disemminated through the internet and on DVD. It was shown on a number of national and international events, and its effectiveness was measured. The project was executed for the EU 6th framework programme, together with a professional production crew and project partnes in all countries.
  • This website was developed to share the vast body of knowledge on cookstoves and household energy that has been produced around the world, by research institutes, companies and enthusiastic individuals. The World Bank requested BTG’s household energy specialists for the execution of this project, because of their decades of practical experience and their wide network in this field.
  • Biomass training course to TEDC teachers, Bandung, Indonesia. Within the CASINDO project, a curriculum was developed on renewable energy technologies (solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal as well as biofuels). Teachers at TEDC-Cimahi, Bandung were trained in such a way, that they can prepare and implement a full curriculum at SMK level (Sekolah Mengah Kejuruan). BTG prepared and conducted the training course on biomass, which included also about 50% practical work. BTG also executed a training course for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in Jakarta.