A dynamic database of relevant technologies of bio-waste utilisation

BIOSWITCH: Encouraging Brand Owners to Switch-to-Bio-Based in highly innovative ecosystems

Facilitate market introduction of pyrolysis (bio-oils), torrefaction (solid products) and microbial oil.

Facilitate bioenergy retrofitting in five industries: first-generation biofuels, pulp and paper, fossil refineries, fossil firing power and combined heat and power plants.

Scenarios for integration of bio-liquids in existing REFINERY processes

Brazil-EU cooperation for development of advanced lignocellulosic biofuels

Advanced Biomass Catalytic conversion to middle distillates in molten salts

4x4, demonstrating a flexible value chain to utilize biomass functionalities in the processing industry

Renewable residential heating with fast pyrolysis bio-oil

Support for alternative and renewable liquid and gaseous fuels forum (policy and market issues)

FAST industrialisation by CAtalysts Research and Development

Sustainable fuel production by aqueous phase refoming understanding catalysis and hydrothermal stability of carbon supported noble materials.

Polygeneration through pyrolysis: simultaneous production of oil, process steam, electricity and organic acids.

Improved Nutrient and Energy Management through Anaerobic Digestion.

Allthings.bioPRO - Game changer for the bio-based economy

100% Renewable Energies for Energy Intensive Industries

Reforming of Crude Glycerine in Supercritical Water to Produce Methanol for Re-Use in Biodiesel Plants

Sustainable products from economic processing of biomass in highly integrated biorefineries

BIOmass for the market competitive and environmentally friendly SYNthesis of bio-products together with the production of secondary enERGY carriers through the biorefinery approach

Co-processing of upgraded bio-liquids in standard refinery units.

Sustainable Innovative Mobilisation of Wood

Promotes Sustainable Supply Chain Management of SMEs in regional bioenergy supply chains

Marginal lands for growing industrial crops

Increasing the uptake speed of standards, labels and harmonized product information lists for bio-based products

Delivery of sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a “resource-efficient” Bioeconomy in Europe

Building a community of public procurement practitioners interested in the procurement of innovative bio-based products and their associated services

Transfer scientific and technical language about bio-based products to layman language so that communication about key aspects can be understood outside of scientific circles

Deliver a roadmap and action plan illustrating the ‘sweet spots’ for Europe’s chemicals industry towards the bioeconomy up to 2030

Boosting bioeconomy by maximising CSAs results