Reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2050

With the Green Deal, the European Commission has set as target to be climate neutral by 2050, in line with the commitment to the Paris agreement. As the Green Deal is presented as a ‘New Growth Strategy’, it also offers plenty of opportunities for the European bioenergy industry. What are the opportunities for the bioenergy industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions? And how can the refining industry be challenged?

ACT alternative charcoal tool (for free)

The alternative charcoal tool gives insight in the potential of charcoal production from alternative feedstocks. Examples are charcoal dust, harvest residues like cotton stalks, processing residues and invasive species. Besides feedstock selection insight is given in the available carbonisation and briquetting technologies and sales opportunities in the charcoal market [...]

Handbook biomass gasification

The handbook is edited by Harrie Knoef and 25 authors contributed to this highly informative book. These authors are all international biomass experts on gasification or related topics. Biomass gasification has the potential to offer a major contribution to meeting the targets of the European Union for CO2 mitigation. It opens the possibility to utilise biomass from traditional low-efficient [...]

Biomass resource assessment handbook

Biomass resource assessments indicate the availability of biomass for energy production. This handbook provides best practices for determination of biomass resource potentials and gives guidance for transparent presentation of results. Methods are provided for forest biomass, energy crops, agricultural residues and organic waste. [...]

Navigating bioenergy

BTG has written the Navigating Bioenergy, Contributing to informed decision making on bioenergy issues. Navigating Bioenergy is intended to give the reader an initial balanced view of eight selected topics: jatropha, biomethane, energy from municipal solid waste, the biorefinery concept, competition with food, sustainability and certification of biomass, clean development mechanism, and success stories.

Papers RTD

The Research & Technology Development business unit has written multiple papers on bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials. Most of these papers have been published in well known journals. References of papers have been collected in this document on for example pyrolysis, gasification, supercritical water reforming and chemicals & bio-materials.