Charcoal production and use

BTG has a long track record in research, business development and implementation of (alternative) charcoal production covering the whole supply chain from feedstock selection, charcoal production to sales and marketing of charcoal products.   

Small-scale production for household energy use

BTG is working on the development, application and promotion of technologies to produce charcoal efficiently, and to use it efficiently as household fuel. An example is the production of charcoal briquettes from cotton stalks or sugar cane bagasse in North Africa (Sudan, Egypt,  Mali and Uganda). 

(Semi)industrial charcoal production 

BTG is also involved in the large-scale production of charcoal and the development of new charcoal applications. At various locations in Eastern Europe, Africa and China BTG has helped setting-up charcoal factories. In a European R&D project the scaling-up of the Twin-Retort technology was investigated, and co-firing test campaigns were carried out at coal fired power plants.