The handbook is printed in full colour with a hardcover. It is available from BTG Biomass Technology Group in the Netherlands, and can be ordered by e-mail  secretariaat@btgworld.com mentioning the following information:

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Handbook biomass gasification - first edition

Handbook Biomass Gasification First Edition

The publication of the first 'Handbook Biomass Gasification' was issued by BTG in September 2005. The handbook is edited by Harrie Knoef and 25 authors contributed to this highly informative book. There are still a limited number of the Handbook available at BTG.

This first handbook describes the main results of the GasNet project, which operated between May 2001 and May 2004. It contains contributions of experts in different areas of biomass gasification. The handbook is meant to be a useful guideline both to newscomers to the subject and those already involved in research and technology development, as well as for industry, policy makers, investors and end-users.

The preparation of the Handbook was supported by the ThermoNet project funded by the European Commission, SenterNovem and BTG biomass technology group BV. The Handbook on Biomass Gasification consist of the following chapters:

  • Introduction History of biomass gasification
  • Practical aspects of biomass gasification
  • Status of small scale biomass gasification
  • Status of large scale biomass gasification
  • Success stories Status of gasification in Asia
  • Feedstock and fuel feeding
  • Update on gas cleaning technologies
  • Syngas production and utilisation
  • Supercritical gasification
  • Entrained flow gasification
  • Public perception and social marketing of biomass conversion technologies
  • Standardisation of tar measurements in producer gas
  • CO and PAH emissions from engines operating on producer gas
  • Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of biomass gasification
  • Economics of Biomass Gasification
  • European Union policies for the promotion of bioenergy technologies
  • USA renewable energy policies and incentives