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Fast pyrolysis technology

Bench-scale (2-5 kg/h) and pilot scale (100 – 150 kg/h) fast pyrolysis units are available. These units are in use for further process development, feedstock testing and the production of pyrolysis oil samples.

Reforming/gasification of liquids

A 10-15 kWth, oxygen/air blown gasifier is available for the gasification/reforming of liquid feedstocks to produce syngas and/or hydrogen. A catalytic zone is installed in the reactor to minimize tar.

Liquid-Liquid extraction

Bench-scale (10-20 kg/h) and pilot scale (80 – 125 kg/h) continuous extraction units are available. The systems are based on liquid-liquid extraction using different types of solvents (aqueous / organic).

Chemical & physical analysis

BTG performs a range of chemical and physical analyses on solid, liquid and gaseous products. Examples are water content, elemental composition, flash point, Conradson carbon, viscosity, solids, ash, GC, HPLC, XRF, oxidation stability etc.

Electrochemical processes

Electrochemical conversion processes are a relative new area of research to convert aqueous and liquid intermediates to chemicals and fuels. Lab-scale units are available and a bench-scale unit is under construction.


High pressure processing

BTG has the facilities and experience for performing research at elevated pressures (up to 200-250 bar). A number of continuous flow lab-scale hydrotreaters (~1 kg/day) are in use as well as an autoclave batch reactor. A pilot hydrotreater with a capacity of 20-50 kg/d is used for process development and the production of samples.

Heat & power

A 40 kW condensing boiler is installed at BTG using liquid biofuel as the fuel. Modified diesel engines (1-cylinder & 4-cylinder) are running on crude pyrolysis oil.

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