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Contract research

BTG owns a dedicated research laboratory and performs contract research for third parties. Proven expertise exists in the field of Chemical process Technology, and more specific on hydrotreating, high pressure (catalytic) processing, liquid-liquid extraction, sub- and supercritical water conditions, electro-catalytic processing, and thermochemical conversion of biomass and residues. Facilities range from labscale to pilot scale.

In-house development

BTG develops its own processes & products in close cooperation with universities, research institutes and industry. The core of the activities is based on thermochemical biomass conversion with an emphasis on the fast pyrolysis process. Multiple applications of pyrolysis oil are being developed including power & heat, advanced biofuels, syngas/hydrogen, and as raw material for new biobased products.

Supply of Products

Test facilities at BTG are used to produce a range of products, which can be made available to 3rd parties for further testing or evaluation. Examples are fast pyrolysis oil, advanced biofuels and intermediates, pyrolytic lignin, pyrolytic sugars and torrefied biomass. Amounts range from just a kg up to few hundred kg. Product specifications can be adjusted to customer’s demand.

Conceptual & Basic design

BTG-RTD can provide and/or support conceptual & basic designs for chemical processes in general. Specific expertise and knowledge exist concerning the conversion of biomass and residues, and subsequent upgrading to a range of products.

Chemical & Physical analysis

BTG-RTD performs a range of chemical-physical analyses to support own research as well as a service for samples of clients. Analysis methods included are a.o. elemental analysis, water/moisture content, solids and ash, ash melting, density, pH, viscosity, carbon residue, carbonyl content, oxidation stability, flash point, TOC, UV-VIS, GC, XRF and HPLC.

Technical Due Dilligence

BTG performs Due diligence assessments for investors, industry and governments. Subjects covered are process technology, value chain assessment, economic and environmental aspects. Detailed technical assessment is performed by BTG-RTD on chemical process technologies in general, and specifically for biomass related processes.

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