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The next step in co-processing

Co-feeding a Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) with untreated pyrolysis oil (FPBO) is possible up to a ratio of 5 to 10 wt% of the feedstock. With upgraded FPBO much higher co-feeding ratios are achievable.



The next step in transportation

BTG-neXt offers technology to produce drop-in biofuels that can be used in transport without having to invest in new engines or systems. Our advanced marine biofuel is compatible with fossil marine distillate fuel (MGO/MDO). Furthermore, we are working on the development of specific qualities of biofuels for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and road transport.

Technology to make the switch

Building on the fast pyrolysis technology of sister company BTG Bioliquids (for converting lignocellulosic biomass into fast pyrolysis bio-oil – FPBO), BTG-neXt offers technology to upgrade the FPBO into stabilized pyrolysis oil (SPO) or even a drop-in biofuel, using a proprietary catalyst and hydrotreatment process. As there are already multiple full-scale FPBO production plants in operation, the FPBO is commercially available.

Technical coherence between BTG Bioliquids and BTG-neXt.

Research & Technology Development

Do you want to assess your options for applying upgraded bio oil or advanced biofuels? Our RTD-experts are happy to conduct feasibility studies and/or perform test campaigns at lab and pilot scale on the complete value chain from biomass to drop-in bio fuels.


Claim a campaign on our demo plant

We are currently developing a demo plant to offer clients the possibility of running a campaign on customized specifications of feedstock and end product.


What's your next step?

Let’s get in touch and discuss the benefits and challenges of drop-in biofuel. I’m more than happy to share our insights and expertise.

Hugo Borger CEO BTG-neXt
Let's switch to fossil-free fuels!


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