BTG celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2012. Starting as a private company in 1987, BTG has developed to one of the leading companies in bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials. 2012 was a year of celebration with a note from the past and attention for new developments in bio-energy!

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BTG has its roots in the Chemical Engineering faculty at the University of Twente. In the late 1970's a first project was completed in Zaria, Nigeria after which work was continued at the reaction engineering group of the University of Twente on biomass gasification. In the 1980's this work was continued and extended to biomass conversion technologies, primarily those of relevance to developing countries. In 1987 BTG was spun-off and became a private company focusing on consulting activities.

After the privatization the geographical scope widened and projects were started in Central and Eastern Europe. Also the 1992 sustainable development conference in Rio de Janeiro gave a boost to the search for clean energy technologies. At the end of 1990, partly due to a financial boost of former owner TNO Management BV, BTG was very active in overseas markets with field offices in Costa Rica, Estonia and the Czech Republic. BTG was structured into four groups during these days:

  • Research & Development
  • Project Design, Engineering & Implementation
  • Studies
  • Business Identification, Development & Financing

In 2003 the company shares were bought anew by BTG management, returning ownership to management and key personnel. Hereafter the company was streamlined and the number of groups was reduced to two: Research & Technology Development and Consultancy & Project Development. Currently these two groups are working in synergy to realize more bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials worldwide.